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Five Star Plumbing Services is the leading provider of plumbing services in Abu Dhabi.

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Our team of professional plumbers in Abudhabi is here to serve you 24/7 with more than 20 years of experience.

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Why You Should Hire 5 Star Plumbing Services

What do you expect from professionals when you hire them to sort your problem out? First, you want them to be credible and punctual. Second, you want the work to be efficient, skilled, and cost-friendly.

You can expect this all from 5 Star Plumbing Services. We have a dedicated team of plumbers having vast knowledge and experience to fix any issue at home.

Our Services

Plumbing Services that we are providing

We, as a local plumber in Abu Dhabi, provide a wide range of services for you including

Drain Cleaning

If you are facing any drain related issue at home and want an efficient and cost-effective plumber for drain cleaning then just dial our emergency service number

Faucet Installation and up-gradation

If you want to repair your leaking faucets or you want to install or reinstall the faucets, don’t forget to count on 5 Star Plumbing Services.

man is repairing a sink in Abu Dhabi


If you are looking for a plumber to unclog and repair your sinks, then just give us a call. Technicians in our team will inspect, install, reinstall and repair the sinks of your home.

Bathroom Plumbing

Our company has vast experience of fixing toilets and installing all types of new toilet systems at home or workplace.

Bath Tub Repair

We are reliable and efficient, that is what makes us famous and wanted in the plumbing industry. Count on us for bath tub repair services and call us to book our services.

Mainline Repair and Plumbing

We use sophisticated modern technology for sewer repairs, unclogging pipes, and installing new pipes and sewer lines.

The Reasons That You Should Contact Us

Our team at Five Star Plumbing Services have the knowledge and skills to handle any type of plumbing problem that you may have

Years in the business

We are proud to say that we have been providing plumbing services to the people of Abu Dhabi for more than 20 years.

Thousands of Projects

We have done more than 3500 project sin ABu Dhabi